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Queens Deserves Better.

I have been rooted in Queens all my life.  My parents arrived in the early 60’s with their permanent residency from Colombia (since then they both became US citizens), they divorced when I was two years old.  I was brought up by my mother; she has always been a strong woman who faced her challenges by herself while not having any family by her side since they never thought to live here in the states.

During my school age I was a product of the NYC public school system attending schools in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst: for elementary schools I went to PS 89, 69, and 149; for middle school I went to IS 145; and I attended and graduated Newtown High School.  I went to college soon after, attending Baruch College and thereafter Mary Mount Manhattan College (like many people not finishing my degree).

In my teenage years I went to meetings with my mother regarding politics of Colombia and the US; then in my early 20’s I participated on my own. While going to these meetings I met Nayibe Nunez-Berger, Helen Sears, Helen Marshall, Alice Cardona and others. Nayibe Nunez-Berger has been a very close friend of my mother and always encouraged me to participate in many community activities.

I am twice divorced and now a single mother of four; I was very active advocating for my children’s education in the public school system. While involved in my children’s general development I have seen the need for change in our communities including education, medical and psychological care, and family court.

Growing up in western Queens I have always advocated for immigrant rights and worked to help immigrants get resources and a pathway to citizenship. I volunteered at Blessed Sacrament advising immigrants on the process to become a citizen and explaining their rights during the time of amnesty in the 1980’s.

I had the pleasure of working in the district office of former State Senator John Sabini in 2003 providing constituent services. From helping students of color find resources to pay for college to dealing with housing issues, to helping residents obtain healthcare; I was able to provide valuable assistance to the residents of the community. While working in the district office of Senator Sabini the idea of running for office someday came to mind.

Over the years I’ve helped in different campaigns from petitioning to support staff of William Salgado, Bill Clinton, John Sabini, Jose Peralta, Eduardo Giraldo; most recently, I had the great experience of volunteering for District Attorney Candidate Tiffany Caban.  My support for Tiffany came from the need of having a progressive voice in the Queens Borough President’s office.

For once we saw that progressive Latinos in Queens can be validated within a powerful movement to bring executive changes into our borough because communities of color have been neglected and ignored for far too long. I’m running because I don’t see that leadership right now in the Queens Borough President’s office and we need change that has been ignored for far too long.